Dr. Sunayan Bhattacharjee, who has a Ph.D. in Film Studies (2020) from the School of Liberal Studies under Pandit Deendayal Energy University in Gandhinagar, is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Media and Communication at Adamas University in Kolkata. He is also the Head of the Department of the Department of Journalism. A journalism postgraduate (2010) from the prestigious Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication in Pune, he previously served as an Assistant Professor and Course Leader with the School of Contemporary Media under Pearl Academy in Delhi. He has earlier been a journalist with renowned organizations such as The Times of India in Chennai and Reuters News in Bengaluru. He has also been the Associate Editor of The Cinemaholic, a popular global cinema portal. He was the Assistant Editor of edInbox, a news portal that covers educational news from all across Southeast Asia. He also boasts of a considerable teaching experience with prior stints at Tripura University in Agartala, Pandit Deendayal Energy University and Ramoji Krian Universe in Hyderabad. He is a UGC-NET qualified scholar. For his Ph.D. thesis, he studied the postmodern and surrealist works of renowned American filmmaker David Lynch, who was described by The Guardian as “the most important director of this era”. Sunayan authored a book on the surrealist movies of David Lynch. He has also jointly edited a book on digital communication and has a number of research and other publications across multiple journals, periodicals and books.


Awards & Achievements:


• Presented a Paper during the ‘3rd All India Media Educators’ Conference – 2018’ (AIMEC-2018) in Jaipur and Was Conferred with the Best Paper Award. The Title of the Paper Was ‘Mulholland Dr. (2001): A Case Study of the Primacy of Dreams over Reality’.
• Nominated as an Editorial Board Member for the ‘4th All Indian Media Conference-2019’ held in Udaipur from September 27, 2019 to September 29, 2019.
• Co-Chaired a Technical Session entitled ‘Digital Human Interventions in C4D, Agricultural Practices & Innovations and Health’ during the 3rd National Media Conclave-2019 held in Bhubaneswar from November 21, 2019 to November 23, 2019.
• Did a case study on the ‘Cotton Farmer’s Suicide Issue’ in the city of Yavatmal in Vidarbha, Maharashtra in 2010.
• Made ‘Budhwar Peth’ – a documentary on the sex workers in Pune in 2009.
• Made ‘Katraj Snake Park’ – a documentary on the Katraj-based Snake Park in Pune in 2009.


Selected Publications:




• ‘Rise of the DIGITAL HUMAN: Perspectives on Digital Communication in India Today’, A Compilation of Research Papers by Media Practitioners and Media Academicians from all across India, Co-Editorship, Manak Publications, 978-81-9430-351-0, pp. 608, September 2019.
• ‘David Lynch and Postmodernism in His Hollywood Trilogy: A Critical Study’, Rise of the DIGITAL HUMAN: Perspectives on Digital Communication in India Today, Book Chapter, Editors: Sunayan Bhattacharjee, Dr. Tanushri Mukherjee and Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury, Manak Publications, ISBN 978-81-9430-351-0, pp. 414-420, September 2019.
• ‘‘Blade Runner’ (1982) and Cyberpunk: A Critical Analysis’, Communication 4.0: Communication in a Digital Age, Book Chapter, Editor: Prof. Upendra Padhi, Institute of Media Studies, Utkal University Bhubaneswar, ISBN 978-93-5391-046-4, pp. 405-410, November 2019.




• “LOST HIGHWAY’ (1997): A BIZARRE JUXTAPOSITION OF REALISM AND SURREALISM”, International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research; Author, pp. 15-20, June 2019.
• “A Critical Analysis of David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ (1977): Whose Dream is it After All?”, RESEARCH REVIEW International Journal of Multidisciplinary; Author, pp. 486-490, May 2019.
• “MULHOLLAND DRIVE’ (2001): A CASE STUDY OF THE PRIMACY OF DREAMS OVER REALITY”, International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research; Author, pp. 61-67, June 2019.
• “BLUE VELVET’ (1986): A DARK TRIP DOWN THE SLIPPERY ISLES OF VOYEURISM AND HUMAN SEXUALITY”, International Journal of Communication and Media Studies (IJCMS); Author, pp. 155-163, June 2019.
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• “Inland Empire’ (2006): A Temporal Experiment with Spirituality”, RESEARCH REVIEW International Journal of Multidisciplinary; Author, pp. 1015-1020, May 2019.
• “Female Objectification in Four Major Pan-Indian English Language Newspapers”, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR); Author, pp. 466-469, May 2019.


Research Interests:


Dr. Sunayan Bhattacharjee’s primary research interest is in the area of film studies. Having done a considerable amount of work in deciphering surrealism and postmodernism in cinema, Sunayan now wants to focus on the works of individual filmmakers including the likes of Germaine Dulac, Man Ray, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovsky and the likes. Sunayan would also continue to work to make sense out of the movies of David Lynch, arguably the greatest surrealist filmmaker of all time, using multiple research parameters.