Qualification: Post-Doctorate, Ph.D., MBA, MMS, B.A.

 Affiliation: Fisk University, Business Department, United States of America

Current Designation: Executive Director of Innovation and Distinguished Professor of Business

Prof (Dr.) Sufyan Baksh is part of the business department of Fisk University as Executive Director of Innovation and Distinguished Professor of Business. Most recently, Dr. Baksh was a professor at The University of Scranton where he served as the program director for three separate programs (social media strategies, business communication, and CAS accelerated MBA programs). Dr. Baksh received his PhD in integrated marketing communication & advanced research methods from Texas Tech University. He has completed the post-doctoral bridge program in marketing and management from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. Dr. Baksh has an MBA in entrepreneurship and international business from RIT and an MBA/MMS in marketing from RIMSR, and a BA in Economics & Commerce from Jai Hind College (Mumbai, India). He is a board member of Wahed Invest Inc. and has worked for LINOpinion PR (Mumbai, India) for four years, in addition to spending more than a decade in international Marketing and Finance. Dr. Baksh’s research in marketing, communication, and digital transformation business has been published in several internationally renowned peer-reviewed journals.